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Solar PV

Advanced system for the detection and diagnosis of failures using big data techniques and artificial intelligence

Failure detection. Failure diagnosis. Strategic analysis. Big data and machine learning. Asset management.

The need

Current monitoring systems do not provide an accurate analyses of faults in plants – many of which can be detected – producing large losses. In addition, performance analyses and diagnosis is performed manually, requiring a substantial workload.

The solution

PVET includes accurate failure detection and diagnosis, predictive maintenance and energy forecasting with low uncertainty. The analyses are not limited to the individual plants but study PV assets as a whole, obtaining higher levels of optimisation. This new approach allows clients a greater strategic vision of photovoltaic assets and enables a more precise evaluation of their operation.

The value proposition

• Detailed knowledge of the asset.
• Improves financing conditions.
• Reduces operation uncertainty.

TBB.2018 Pitching sessions: Qualifying Photovoltaics SL

TBB.2018 Pitching sessions: Qualifying Photovoltaics SL

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