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PERSEO Bioethanol Technology is a completely innovative urban solid waste valorisation treatment: for fuel vehicle uses and heat and electricity production.


Sustainable biofuel and bioenergy from municipal solid waste

Second generation bioethanol; 95% to be used as chemical building block; 99.5% to be used as vehicles liquid biofuel; Organic solid with high content of proteins and fats; High calorific value solid biofuel for heat and electricity by cogeneration; Valuable feedstock for biomethanization to produce biomethane and biofertiliser

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The need

The increasing demand for a sustainable and competitive waste treatment processes, as well as for sustainable biofuels, and bioproducts production and solutions that reduce GHG emissions.

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The solution

PERSEO Bioethanol® is a biotechnological patented process that reduces the waste sent to landfill by the production of second generation bioethanol, bioenergy and bioproducts in lunicipak, with an associated reduction of GHG emissions. Tailor-made projects are developed for each client: from design to building up steps. The technology is modular and completely compatible and adaptable to existing municipal solid waste treatment facilities.

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The value proposition

• Better economical results than current waste treatment technologies.
• Biotech improvement.
• Biotechnological process with good yields of bioethanol conversion.
• Profitable process.
• Solves sorting problems to guarantee a stable process.

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