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Enabling sustainable buildings and cities

The need

Buildings consume 40% of electricity and produce 30% of CO2 globally. To reach near-zero energy emissions, the efficiency of building stock must be improved. IoT sensors in buildings can make an impact on energy usage, but power solutions' limitations on sensors hold back development.

The solution

PeafowlGlass is a solution to power the smart building revolution using IoTs to improve building energy efficiency. The patented photovoltaic technology used is the most transparent on the market (over 90% transparency) and can be placed indoor, outdoor, and on almost any surface without affecting the aesthetics or blocking natural light. Integration of these cells into glass provides enough energy to power multiple IoT sensors.

The value proposition

• Self-powered through solar energy for light harvesting.
• Sensor data improves building efficiency.
• Low barrier of entry for installation.
• Can be retrofit into all buildings.
• No compromise on aesthetics.

Commercialised by

Peafowl Solar Power Henry Säldes väg 10 — 756 43 Uppsala www.peafowlsolarpower.com

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