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Renewable energies

Peafowl Plasmonics

The solution to power the smart building revolution using IoTs to improve building energy efficiency

Early stage

Harvesting ubiquitous light to make electronic devices sustainable and self-powered

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The need

Buildings use 40% of electricity and emit 30% of CO2 globally. Sensors and dynamic windows optimise indoor climate and cut energy consumption by 20%-40%. Self-powered devices, without batteries or cables, lower installation and maintenance costs, enable retrofitting, and reduce toxic/rare materials.

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The solution

Peafowl Plasmonics’ solution harvests ubiquitous light to add invisible power whenever and wherever it’s needed, enabling smart buildings to improve energy efficiency. The patented photovoltaic technology used is the most transparent on the market (over 90% transparent) and can be placed indoors, outdoors, and on almost any surface, enhancing aesthetics and increasing design options. Peafowl’s light harvesting cells provide enough energy to power sensors, e-paper displays and dynamic windows.

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The value proposition

  • Self-powered devices through light harvesting.
  • Optimises and reduces energy consumption.
  • Allows for easy installation and retrofitting.
  • Transparency enhances value in aesthetics and design.
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Peafowl Plasmonics
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