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OneWatt EARS

OneWatt predicts and detects faults in industrial motors by literally listening to motors with our EARS and understanding those signals with AI and frequency analysis.


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Completely non-intrusive and non-contact. Works with a wide range of motors of different brands, sizes and functions. Competitively priced. Learns about the operations of the asset over time.

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The need

Motors are prone to failure and it takes just one bad motor to stop a production line, which leads to lost revenue, low productivity and costly repairs. Even with good maintenance staff, faults cannot be caught before they cause massive downtime.

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The solution

OneWatt literally listens to motors. Using acoustic data, faults can be detected and predicted before they cause unnecessary downtime. This protects the facility from revenue losses, prolongs its lifespan and ensures optimal operation. A competitively-priced solution, it is completely non-intrusive and non-contact and learns about the operations of the asset over time to prevent further problems. It works with a wide range of motors of different brands, sizes and functions.

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The value proposition

• Increases productivity of maintenance work.
• Prevents revenue losses.
• Prolongs lifespan of assets.
• Reduces unplanned downtimes.

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OneWatt uses its EARS to literally listen to motors. Using these acoustic data, we are able to detect and predict faults before they cause unnecessary downtime

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