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Power DSO

Automatic detection of anomalies in smart low voltage networks

The need

The energy transition poses new challenges for LV distribution network operators due to increasing complexity and additional stress of decentralised PV systems and high peak EV charging stations. Faster data-driven insights are needed to improve grid maintenance and prevent blackouts.

The solution

OmegaLambdaTec's SmartGrid-AI-Cockpit provides an integrated view in quasi real-time on network status and upcoming issues, including the automated detection and localisation of network anomalies and power line defects. In cooperation with sensor hardware partner SMIGHT the company offers a 3-months 'rent-a-smart-grid' all-inclusive starter package for network operators to test out the benefits and business cases of a smart low voltage grid in real-life operations.    

The value proposition

• Investment-optimised sensor positioning for smart grid roll-out.
• 24/7 monitoring of sensor data with automatic detection and localisation of anomalies and network defects.
• Prevention of blackouts via early identification of broken power lines and critical issues.
• Significant cost reductions for network maintenance and manual inspections.
• Identification of grid over-stressing and optimised network expansion requirements.

Smartgrid Squ OLT
Smartgrid Dashboard Laptop OLT

Commercialised by

OmegaLambdaTec GmbH Lichtenbergstrasse 8 — 85748 Garching https://omegalambdatec.com