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The need

Urbanisation and exponentially growing online sales pose massive challenges to the already complex urban ecosystem: some 80% of traffic jams are caused by delivery vans during rush hour; 21% of CO2 is caused by road transport; there is a high demand for car-free and pedestrian only zones in cities. 

The solution

NÜWIEL has developed an innovative electric trailer (eTrailer) with patented technology which combines an auto-trail sensor, AI-based self-regulating algorithms and a 3-level braking system. The technology enables the eTrailer to automatically accelerate and brake, mimicking every movement of the bike. It can be connected to any (e)bike and used as an electric handcart inside buildings and pedestrian-only areas. Suitable for use by anyone, irrespective of age or build. 

The value proposition

  • Offers the flexibility required to move around a city, fulfilling manoeuvrability and stringent safety requirements of urban ecosystems.
  • Increased efficiency of existing bike fleet: 3x more payload.
  • Time saving: 2x faster delivery time.
  • Multi-modal: runs on bike lanes, roads, cobblestones, pedestrian zones and inside buildings.
  • Enhanced safety: 3-level brake system (park, electric, overrun) to ensure safety of the rider.
  • Low maintenance: robust design with 99% of automotive components.
  • User friendly: 95% recommendation rate by IKEA customers.

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