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The fastest ultracapacitor

Thanks to their anisotropic structure and very high conductivity, NAWA’s ultra-fast carbon electrodes now offer a new generation of high-power super capacitors (NAWACap Power) that are unique on the market. NAWACap Power super capacitors exhibit power densities between 10 and 100 times higher than existing super capacitors. Their Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) is more than 10 times lower. The temperature (low and high) and frequency behaviour is also greatly improved and NAWACap Power super capacitors can thus preserve more than 5 times more energy at high or low temperature or high frequency than current products.

The need

Designers of energy storage systems face the challenge of finding technology to meet the requirements of peak power demand, autonomy, limited mass or volume and increased lifetime. Batteries may be oversized to avoid exposing the system to high current peaks, but this compromises on cost and safety.

The solution

NAWACAPs handle extreme high-power pulses and offer the lowest equivalent series resistance (ESR) over a wide temperature range. They meet the needs of IoT, power tools and e-mobility, where lifetime, performance and range are key, but battery-only solutions insufficient. With the proposed range of 1 F, 30 F, and 100 F, hybrid energy-storage systems combining a battery and/or energy harvesting (EH) with NAWACAPs can be built to address those needs.

The value proposition

• In combination with a battery, one can design an energy-storage system with:
• Improved operational lifetime.
• Better pulsed-power performance.
• Reduced size.

NAWA Technologies' Ultra Fast Carbon battery: the next generation of the ultracapacitor

NAWA Technologies' Ultra Fast Carbon battery: the next generation of the ultracapacitor

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