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Onshore wind

Advanced wind technologies that boost the wind of change

Ultra-low cost (unique selling proposition USP). Fast Installation without large cranes. Logistic barriers removed. Advanced maintenance technologies. Easy integration on WTG. Proven and validated baseline technologies.

The need

New wind farm emplacements are for areas of low force wind. However, the best wind is located at 200 metres, so taller towers must be constructed. They present a challenge from a logistic and economical point of view.

The solution

Nabralift combines a light but rigid steel structure with a self-erecting system. This way, Nabralift solves significant logistical constraints as they can be transported in standard trucks. It also offers a cost-effective option since it avoids the requirement for tall cranes and reduces the foundation required. All in all, Nabralift saves up to 20% in costs when compared with alternative solutions, such as concrete hybrid towers.

The value proposition

• Foundation cost reduction of up to 65%.
• Installation rate of one tower every four days.
• 15m/s average speed reduces inefficiency by up to 50%.
• Maintenance free.
• Total cost reduction of up to 20%.

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