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Energy management on which you can build

User-friendly application for end-users. Extra encouragement by setting targets. Seperate platform for builders for alerts, reporting, benchmarking and analyses. Independent, certified hardware. Highest privacy and security standards applied.

The need

In targeted markets there is a need to strictly monitor several energy parameters for a long-term period. Customers need these insights to guarantee the sustainability of their homes and the correct function of building-related installations.

The solution

Watch-E's MyEnergyBundle provides insight into all energy parameters for both residents and managers of a sustainable housing project. Extra encouragement is provided by setting targets, with the highest privacy and security standards applied.
Independent, certified hardware, a separate platform for builders is provided for alerts, reporting, benchmarking and analyses. The application is user-friendly for end-users.

The value proposition

• Communication tools for end-users.
• Opportunity for residents to receive personalised insight into their energy household.
• Reporting and alert features.

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