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MyEnergyBundle (Mijnenergiebundel)

Mijnenergiebundel is ICT-SAAS product, which housing corporations, building companies and other relevant stakeholders apply to manage their sustainable energy housing projects.


Energy management on which you can build

User-friendly application for end-users. Extra encouragement by setting targets. Seperate platform for builders for alerts, reporting, benchmarking and analyses. Independent, certified hardware. Highest privacy and security standards applied.

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The need

In targeted markets there is a need to strictly monitor several energy parameters for a long-term period. Customers need these insights to guarantee the sustainability of their homes and the correct function of building-related installations.

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The solution

Watch-E’s MyEnergyBundle provides insight into all energy parameters for both residents and managers of a sustainable housing project. Extra encouragement is provided by setting targets, with the highest privacy and security standards applied. Independent, certified hardware, a separate platform for builders is provided for alerts, reporting, benchmarking and analyses. The application is user-friendly for end-users.

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The value proposition

  • Communication tools for end-users.
  • Opportunity for residents to receive personalised insight into their energy household.
  • Reporting and alert features.

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