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Renewable energies

Modular Solar Home and Business System

Single modules contain battery sizes from 3.3Ah to 13.2Ah @ 12V and can host between 50W to 100W solar panel capacity. By stacking modules, combinations of >500W power output is possible.

Relevant markets:

A modular solar system for off-grid villages that meets future and present electricity demands

Modularity: easy upselling and after sales services, system grows with customer needs. High power outlet: enables running business appliances, stacking of modules for power sharing. Voice output: the system interacts with the customers acoustically, as they are often illiterate. Single wire communication: allows inter-module communication and smart appliances. System locks/unlocks via token system entered by a mini USB keypad which is needed for pay as you go.

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The need

Around 22 million off-grid households in the East African community need electricity and are using fossil fuels. Kerosene used for lighting causes 2.4 billion kg of CO2 p.a.

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The solution

The solar systems provide electricity to off-grid villagers to cover their basic needs lighting, devices and appliances, and can also serve as an enabling tool for businesses (e.g. agricultural). They offer a high power outlet that enables them to run business appliances and stacks modules for power sharing; modularity, with easy upselling and after sales services the system adapts to customer needs; single wire communication allows for inter-module communication and smart appliances. 

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The value proposition

• The system locks/unlocks via a pay-as-you-go token system entered by a mini USB keypad.
• Voice output, the system interacts with customers acoustically in case of illiteracy.
• Children can study at night and experience renewable energies at first hand.
• Customers can generate income by offering phone charger businesses or other productive uses.

Pitching sessions: SolarWorX

Solar systems to provide electricity to off-grid villagers to cover basic needs: lighting, phone charging, home appliances, and can also be an enabling tool for businesses. The system is repaid on monthly installments to local distributors within 2 years until it becomes customer property. Its modularity allows easy upselling / after sales services to adapt to needs

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