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Increasing the efficiency and power density of hydrogen fuel cells

The need

The insufficient power density and significant production cost of current hydrogen fuel cell systems affects the competitiveness of fuel cell technologies in various market segments. There is also a requirement to lower the precious metals content.

The solution

The solution is an improved membrane-electrode assembly (MEA) component for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells (PEM FC) with a better catalyst, which delivers more power with less platinum used, and a new production method that is more reliable, modular, and has lower capital expenses (capex).

The value proposition

• In the market segment of 1 - 10 kW FC stacks for stationary applications, the product offers:
• Lower production costs for stack builders by 18-29%.
• Increased power density by 30%.
• Increased efficiency by 10%.
• Increased durability by 50%.


Mebius solution allows to double the power density of hydrogen fuel cells. New advances in catalysts, polymers and production methods have enabled a drastically better product to be offered to the market, which can lower production costs of clients by up to 33%.


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