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Residential Building

Turns tap water into pure mineral water

10 wh / treated litre tap water, about 1€ energy cost for 500L. -

The need

Households require purified tap water to fill their own mineral water bottles. Pure water should be available to anyone connected to the water supply.

The solution

Tap water is transformed into pure high quality drinking water without the need for filters or additives. This purifier works with LED lights emit UVA rays and thereby purifies the water in 15 minutes. This is the premium solution for water treatment in terms of accuracy and taste, and the one and only to be filterless.

The value proposition

• Low energy.
• No replacements or servicing required, a lifetime of more than 10 years.
• ROI of about one year.

LAVIE2GO EN subtitled

LAVIE2GO EN subtitled

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