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Unique riding pleasure, innovative technology, individual design - that's Kumpan

The need

City congestion, air pollution and fossil fuel shortage require immediate and effective solutions.

The solution

Kumpan electric scooter has a ion-lithium battery which enables the scooter to be ridden around the city with no emissions. The battery can be recharged with a renewable source of electricity. An additional smart sharing service solution enables increased efficiency in city commuting.
The product portfolio includes electric motor scooters as well as portable and universally applicable battery packs (“Kraftpakete”).

The value proposition

• Adapted for flexible city travel.
• German technology.
• Reliability, drivability and comfort.
• Removable battery pack.
Kumpan electric combines classic vehicle design with innovative technology. All E-Scooters as well as its battery packs are designed, developed and produced in Germany. Besides the B2C business, Kumpan is also active in the B2B sector: Kumpan E-Scooters and technology are used as white label solutions by municipalities or companies offering E-Scooter sharing in their city. Kumpan E-Scooters are available in GER, F, Benelux, AT, CH, Spain, GR, US, CA.

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