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Residential Building

Upgrade your electric water tank to a smart one

The need

Electric water tanks (EWS) waste a lot of energy in standby thermal losses (438 kWh/y for an 80L) since their insulation is not 100% effective. In Europe alone there are 28 mio EWS installed, representing around 10 TWh/y of wasted electricity.

The solution

By installing Klugit and placing the sensor in contact with a hot water pipe, a hot water usage routine can be learned through AI and water can be heated only when it is needed, delivering immediate savings for families. Additionally it offers an app and a Wi-Fi connection. Klugit is also the cheapest and quickest way to provide 'demand-side management' services for utilities, as it converts electric tanks into smart grid energy storage devices, solving one of renewable energy's problems. 

The value proposition

• Energy storage and grid balancing for utilities.
• No tools required.
• Prepared for dynamic tariffs and smart grid.
• Wi-Fi app enables control.

KLUGIT - Hot water plug

KLUGIT - Hot water plug


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