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IOT network for distributed energy management and storage.

High performance Internet Of Things (IOT) infrastructure for distributed energy management and storage. Proactive energy management. Distributed energy storage. Virtual power plants. Demand response linked to SPOT market prices and secondary energy markets.

The need

New energy tariffs linked to spot market prices and the need to optimise energy acquisition costs by retailers open the door to new business models and optimisations based on time-of-use, storing energy for future use when it is cheapest.

The solution

With Ionseed, end users reduce energy consumption and cost, and energy retailers decide when, where, how much and what energy type is used by the consumer. This is done by defining energy management rules targeting energy storage devices in an Internet of things (IoT) platform that communicates with proprietary hardware embedded in several consumer products that store energy. These include water heaters and heat pumps, cold stores, chemical batteries and electric vehicles.

The value proposition

• Enables service and energy providers to develop new products and add more value to clients.
• Enables service and energy providers to reduce costs and increase revenues.
• End users benefit from reduction of energy bills, more information and better maintenance services.
• Manufacturers transform a traditional passive device into a cutting-edge intelligent appliance.

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