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iNex Sourcing

iNex sourcing, the 1st waste identification and qualification technology at the service of recyclers and manufacturers. Based on statistical models and machine-learning, their technology continuously collects thousands of data from several hundred open-data sources.


For all companies looking for industrial and agricultural waste deposits

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The need

To confront the climate crisis, some actors are investing in recycling and in the production of green energy. To do so, they need to locate recyclable waste as well as usable land and roofs for renewable power plants.

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The solution

Using open-data and data-mining, the iNex Sourcing tool provides environmental, energy and administrative data for clients. AI browse and aggregate relevant data available online from open data sources or satellite images. This method guarantees a permanent and automated update of data. What’s more, data produced by iNex can be added: this may include the quantity, quality and type of waste emitted by each company in Europe or the calculation of the solar potential of a roof.

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The value proposition

  • Time-saving: 3 clicks replace a study that lasts several months, the end of ratio calculations by hand in Excel, no more intermediary (firms, traders…).
  • Economies: 30% time saving to make a sale, 80% reduction of targeting errors, 75% faster acquisition of deposits.
  • Securing investments: accurate and up-to-date data in real-time, comprehensive business analysis, data verified by a data team.
  • Benefit for the customer: instant access to data, increase in prospects and contracts, ROI within 3 months.

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