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Wireless long-range edge computing IoT architecture powered by waste heat

The need

Oil and gas, cement, iron and steel industries are highly intensive in energy consumption. Up to 65% of this energy is lost in waste heat in the process of heat conversion implying C02 and greenhouse gas emissions. 

The solution

A battery-free Internet of things (IoT) device (hardware and software) that improves productivity due to the absence of a battery, maintenance and wires. It is based on a thermal converter and adaptable to any hot surface. From a few mW up to 700mW of power generation (50oC – 180oC).   Suitable for different wireless long-range protocols. Up to 64 sensors: vibration, temperature and ultrasound.

The value proposition

• Drastically reduces the costs of industrial monitoring.
• Estimated operative life of over 20 years.
• Flexible and plug and play.
• Maintenance free.
• Real time wireless.
• Edge computing IoT device based on a system on a chip (SoC).

AST19038 1 Illustrative Picture Indueye
AST19038 3 Illustrative Picture Indu Eye System

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