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Superchargers that fuel Bio-CNG vehicles from small business fleets in just minutes

Speedy refuelling in around 7 min from the consumer's home. Low noise level. Low electricity consumption. Household design.

The need

There is a need to level the playing field for environmentally-friendly natural gas vehicles (Bio-NGVs), matching the common practice of EVs. This would enable a future alternative fuel transport mode where growth has been repressed due to a limited number of public gas refuelling stations. 

The solution

By utilising existing grids, HYGEN solves a problem of the NGV market. In offering products with the unique freedom of refuelling, HYGEN transforms the outdated NGV image into an EV-like concept. Unlike large centralised public stations that require millions to build, HYGEN+ is a cost-effective decentralised system, dedicated to small business NGV owners. By providing convenient refuelling for commercial fleets, HYGEN+ removes the bottleneck of a limited centralised refuelling station network

The value proposition

• Faster refuelling (25 m3 in 7 min) than the competition and more convenient/practical than visiting a public Bio-CNG filling station.
• Some 35% fuel cost savings when using HYGEN+ Bio-CNG versus diesel.
• Low electrical consumption (0.45kWh/GLE) and noise levels (65dB).
• Allows end-user companies to “green” their fleet of vehicles, moving to G-Mobility without compromising on cost and vehicle range.


The Riga-based startup developed and provides a home refueling station for CNG vehicles. Hygen believes that natural gas is and will be an important fuel for cars.


Hygenplus Fleet
Hygenplus Fleet2
Hygen Plus At Grdf 2

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