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Hymeth has developed a non-precious metal electrocatalyst that efficiently splits water into hydrogen and oxygen to produce methane, a sustainable alternative to fossil natural gas. Using a readily-available, non-precious metal instead of a precious one, e.g. Platinum Iridium Black, reduces costs significantly. The company’s initial objective is to replace the standard liquid petroleum gas (LPG) used for cooking in most countries in the world with this methane.

Early stage

The world’s first electromagnetic alkaline electrolyser

Compact, stand-alone, on-demand system. No gas storage required. Easy, low-cost installation plus low raw material costs. Compatible with existing gas ranges. Compatible with both grid and PV panels. Gas can also be used for fuel cell vehicles and other applications, e.g. welding.

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The need

Sustainable hydrogen production is very expensive (as electrolysers require a platinum or iridium-based catalyst), energy inefficient, large in size and they only compress hydrogen gas up to 35 bar.

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The solution

A low-temperature alkaline electrolyser that is compact, lightweight and that supports high-pressure electrolysis. It includes radical innovations: a new non-precious alloy electrocatalyst, it is capable of delivering highly compressed gas and its lightweight and compact electrolyser reduces the space required.

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The value proposition

• Expected to produce hydrogen at a cost reduction of up to 40% compared to existing alkaline electrolysers. 
• A state-of-the-art system for FC vehicle refilling stations, sustainable steel production, bio oil refinery, energy storage, etc.
• Lower capital expenses (capex) and operating expenses (opex). 
• Highly efficient.

Pitching sessions: Hymeth

Hymeth’s product, Hyaeon™ is a low-temperature alkaline electrolyser, which is compact, lightweight and supports high-pressure electrolysis.

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