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Thermal battery device that heats cold water in pipes to provide instant hot water with no energy wasted

Corrects the stagnation temperature of hot water distribution systems in buildings. Fully passive device.

The need

Waiting for water to heat results in some 15% of water wasted in buildings across Europe. Conventional solutions use recirculating pumps, which solves the problem but itself consumes excessive amounts of energy; continuous recirculation wastes up to 50% of energy used for heating water. 

The solution

Hoterway is a thermal battery based on phase-changing material that heats water in pipes instantly with no energy wasted. This patented technology delivers hot water immediately, recharging only as hot water is used without need for an electrical connection. The product range includes a solution for showers (less than one hour to install) and a solution that can be integrated during construction to supply instant hot water from every tap.

The value proposition

• Instant hot water available in the entire building.
• Saves up to 15% of water consumption.
• Reduces more than 50% of the energy used for water heating with continuous recirculation loops.


Hoterway is a fully passive device that stores latent heat during each shower to instantly heat the water stagnated in the pipes in the beginning of the next shower.


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