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Bringing automated airborne analysis to power lines, while saving time, cost and the environment

The need

The EU has over 11 million kilometres of power transmission and distribution lines. Currently 90% of the critical infrastructure inspections are made by on-foot patrols, but these manual inspections are demanding on resources and prone to error.

The solution

The solution is an AI-driven power line analysis platform that identifies defects from photos. Hepta’s platform allows infrastructure owners to have up to 250% faster inspection cycles while getting a full overview of their assets. Deploying continuous machine learning allows automating up to 90% of the photo analysis work, thus analysing a vast amount of images at a rapid pace. With automated defect reports and vegetation analysis, Hepta's customers can make better and less error-prone decisions.

The value proposition

• AI-driven automation.
• Comprehensive service.
• Cost effectiveness.
• Digitalisation.
• Turnkey project development.
• Ever-improving detection models.

Hepta Airborne

Hepta Airborne provides an AI-driven power line analysis platform, that allows users to identify defects from photos and LiDAR points clouds.

Hepta Airborne

Hepta Screen Shot Data
Hepta Lidar Image
Hepta Thermal Image

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