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Hepta Airborne

Hepta provides end-to-end inspection and analysis tools to automate your asset management. Their software provides a birds-eye view of the grid, their autonomous drones deliver best-in-class quality for hundreds of kilometers.


Bringing automated airborne analysis to power lines, while saving time, cost and the environment

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The need

The EU has over 11 million kilometres of power transmission and distribution lines. Currently 90% of the critical infrastructure inspections are made by on-foot patrols, but these manual inspections are demanding on resources and prone to error.

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The solution

The solution is an AI-driven power line analysis platform that identifies defects from photos. Hepta’s platform allows infrastructure owners to have up to 250% faster inspection cycles while getting a full overview of their assets. Deploying continuous machine learning allows automating up to 90% of the photo analysis work, thus analysing a vast amount of images at a rapid pace. With automated defect reports and vegetation analysis, Hepta’s customers can make better and less error-prone decisions.

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The value proposition

• AI-driven automation.
• Comprehensive service.
• Cost effectiveness.
• Digitalisation.
• Turnkey project development.
• Ever-improving detection models.

Hepta Airborne

Hepta Airborne provides an AI-driven power line analysis platform, that allows users to identify defects from photos and LiDAR points clouds.

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