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Power DSO

Renewable energy from industrial waste heat using thermoelectric generators

Self-powered wireless sensor network system matching industry 4.0 requirements. Energy generation and CO2 reduction from waste recovery.

The need

Industries are inefficient at using energy. More than 60% is wasted in the form of heat. Reducing the cost of the energy bill and lowering the environmental impact of energy are both essential.

The solution

An initial solution provided is sustainable and eco-friendly energy production using a by-product of the industrial process itself: heat. Converting waste into usable energy reduces energy bills and lessens the environmental impact made in industry, aligning it with the requirements of new environmental rules.

The value proposition

• Drastically reduces the cost of industrial monitoring.
• Estimated operative life of over 20 years.
• Flexible solution which can be easily installed in every industry.
• Plug and play.
• Scalable, modular and maintenance-free.
• The system can be upgraded with new technologies for higher performance.

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