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Supercharged steam turbine systems for industrial heat and power

The need

The competitiveness and environmental impact of heat intensive industrial processes can be much improved by reducing the use of energy.

The solution

A turbine capable of providing heat and power for industrial processes at a significantly reduced fuel cost and with minimum CO2 emissions. The system is capable of providing both steam and power at fast response times. Its multi fuel capability can be applied to waste streams, enabling manufacturers to achieve higher resource utilisation, reduced cost of energy and green manufacturing. It acts as an add-on to boiler and furnace systems, has components with a track-record and is modular. 

The value proposition

• CO2 emission reduction.
• Flexible decentralised energy supply.
• Multi fuel and crude biomass furnace compatibility.
• Power output boost of a steam cycle by 20%.
• Rapid response time (seconds) for peak shaving.
• Rigid industrial.

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