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A true enabler of the sustainable energy transition

The need

The requirement to tackle, not only the climate crisis, but also the volatile energy market has become urgent. In the move towards weather-dependent renewable production, there is increasingly dependency on storage to secure and balance the electricity supply.

The solution

Mine storage technology is a proven, scalable way to safely store and distribute energy and help balance transmission grids. Mine Storage develops grid-scale energy storages in underground mines using closed-loop pumped storage hydropower. By leveraging the height differences in mines, large quantities of energy are stored using water and gravity. The operational model for each storage plant is developed to optimise revenue streams from local markets.

The value proposition

  • Grid-scale energy storage that can be scaled globally.
  • Proven technology applied in an innovative setting.
  • Clean solution using water and gravity that does not rely on rare-earth minerals.
  • High round-trip efficiency of 70-85%.
  • Long lifecycle resulting in a low levelized cost of storage.
  • Leveraging existing infrastructure by making closed mines a circular asset that can support the energy transition.
  • Discreet once in operation, resulting in low negative local impact.

Commercialised by

Mine Storage Torsgatan 11, plan 8 — 111 23 Stockholm https://www.minestorage.com/