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Energy for circular economy

Green steel

H2 Green Steel will produce green steel, reducing CO₂ emissions with up to 95 percent compared to traditional steelmaking. By replacing coal with green hydrogen powered by fossil-free electricity, water and heat become the primary emissions. And steel is only the beginning – H2 Green Steel’s expertise in green hydrogen will enable to decarbonize other heavy industries.

Early stage

Accelerating the decarbonisation of steel production

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The need

Steel production accounts for 25% of Europe’s industrial CO2 emissions. This amounts to more than the Nordics’ total CO2 emissions, and more than that caused by all flights departing from the EU. Decarbonisation is a must for the industry, and disruptive technology will be a key enabler. 

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The solution

H2 Green Steel plans to build a fully integrated, digitalised and automated greenfield steel plant. In bringing together raw materials, renewable energy, leading expertise and artificial intelligence, the aim is to bring emissions down to zero. It will be the first large-scale production site for fossil-free steel in collaboration with customers across multiple segments, including automotive, commercial vehicle, white goods, furniture and industrial equipment.

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The value proposition

  • The latest technology is used every step of the way in a fully integrated large-scale production line for fossil-free steel production.
  • A business model focused on a value chain approach: as the off-takers are already included, this provides an acceptable premium on the decarbonised end product produced of green steel.

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