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Solar PV

Make investments, make them matter

Fixed returns. Short investment periods. CO2 reductions. Access to remote monitoring.

The need

Private investors lack investment options that are sustainable as well as financially attractive. The impact of ethical investments is often unclear and it is difficult to choose where to invest. Access to green bonds is only available through fund managers or with a high minimum investment. 

The solution

On the crowdinvesting platform www.ecoligo.investments, individuals can invest in clean energy projects in emerging markets from just €100. They receive fixed and attractive returns from short investment periods. The projects support local businesses and enable sustainable economic growth, demonstrating a tangible impact with measurable CO2 savings. Projects are owned and managed by ecoligo GmbH, providing remote monitoring and risk management.

The value proposition

• Attractive investment opportunities (up to 6.50 % interest p.a.).
• Investments from just €100.
• Economic impact in emerging markets.
• Measurable environmental impact and CO2 savings.
• Own project operation and risk management.
• Easy investment process.

Pitching sessions: Ecoligo

ecoligo provides a fully financed ‘solar as a service’ solution for businesses in emerging markets. With a complete digital platform for financing and delivering solar projects, ecoligo removes the barriers that prevent such projects from going ahead. Supplying these businesses with affordable electricity enables them to grow and therefore boost the local economy.

Pitching sessions: Ecoligo

179 Kwp Solaranlage Casa Luna 4 Ecoligo
54 Kwp Solaranlage Swiss Travel Guanacaste Ecoligo Gmbh 3 2
994 Kwp Solaranlage Dong Nam Viet Packaging 2
150 Kwp Solaranlage Simbi Roses Ecoligo 3

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