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Glowee develops a bioluminescent raw material to tackle the environmental and health related issues of electricity for lighting.

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Relevant markets:

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Biological lighting. – Sewage depolluting. – CO2 capture. – Biomass creation. –

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The need

There is a requirement to offer an alternative solution for the 15% global share of electricity used for the purpose of lighting, which accounts for 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing light pollution is also essential.

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The solution

A form of biotechnology (technology inspired by nature), Glowee has developed a microorganism-based material that produces bioluminescence, just like fireflies, glow-worms and over 80% of marine organisms. It offers biological lighting, biomass creation, CO2 capture and depolluting of sewage.

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The value proposition

• Highly aesthetic light.
• Wide-ranging environmental benefits.

TBB.2018 Pitching sessions: GLOWEE

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