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Relevant markets:

Transport & mobility

The need

A new generation of online customers require their purchases delivered whenever and wherever they want. They increasingly demand speed, with deliveries required within 60 minutes (Express Delivery). This has proved complex and has been inefficiently dealt with so far.

The solution

GLEAM sells narrow light electric vehicles enabling clients (e.g. food retailers) to deliver faster then ever to their customers. Tests have shown that the GLEAM 'Cargo E-Bike' model is up to 30% faster than the competition, thanks to its safe use of bike lanes and easier parking in dense urban areas.

The value proposition

  • 30% faster in urban traffic, amounting to a lower delivery cost.
  • Cargo (such as groceries) is not shaken around, thanks to full suspension and tilting technology.
  • Less maintenance required.
  • Faster lead times.
  • More load capacity.

Become the new superhero of urban mobility

Become the new superhero of urban mobility

Commercialised by

Gleam Donau-City-Straße 6, — 1220 Vienna, Austria www.gleam-bikes.com