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An intelligent software solution to help businesses consume zero-carbon electricity

FlexiDAO’s software collects your energy certificates, meter data & related emissions. It checks where your energy really comes from, every hour. All your renewable energy contracts aggregated in one place.The information can be visualised in the FlexiDAO software or fed straight into your own energy or sustainability software.

The need

Companies struggle to obtain credible data on the green energy they purchase and consume. FlexiDAO helps teams gain transparency over their green energy by reliably consolidating and analysing their energy certificates and data.

The solution

Data and analytics on a consumer's renewable energy procurement. FlexiDAO’s software collects energy certificates and related emissions. It checks where a consumer's energy really comes from, every hour of the day. All renewable energy contracts are stored in one place and information can be visualised via FlexiDAO software, or fed straight into a consumer's personal energy or sustainability software.  

The value proposition

Saves time and costs on data collection:

  • Consolidates global renewable energy data and certificates.
  • Avoids manual interaction with certificate registries, energy suppliers, or other third-parties.
  • Scope 2 reporting is made easy.

Increases credibility of green energy reporting:

  • Offers assurance to auditors with a blockchain audit trail.

Monitors a global green energy portfolio:

  • Checks progress against monthly renewable objectives.
  • Monitors realise cost vs. budget for each renewable energy product.

REspring-The Renewable Energy Tracking Software App

REspring is an end-to-end sustainability platform for corporate consumers, Energy Retailers, Renewable energy asset owners and - in the short future - for regulators.‍

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