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Solar PV

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Customer acquisition. Design and engineering. Sales and solar CRM. After sales service and customer access.

The need

A challenge that energy companies face is that of selling photovoltaic installations. A platform is required that makes solar energy more accesible to everyone, streamlining the process of selling, buying and installing solar.

The solution

EzzingSolar is a fully integrated online platform that covers all aspects of the solar business value chain. The platform optimises all the resources needed to sell and install residential and commercial photovoltaic installations.

The value proposition

• Allows anyone to sell or design photovoltaics anywhere.
• Allows for engagement with the end customer during and after sales, while offering a means to cross-sell other energy products.
• Interconnects everyone in the value chain to reduce overhead costs.
• Reduces customer acquisition costs to a minimum.
• Through the technological platform, the whole process is simplified, with all four main areas supported.


We believe in a better future and we are working on it!

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