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Relevant markets:

Transport & mobility

Electric-assisted tricycles and bikes, and sustainable urban mobility solutions

Combination of sustainable alternatives and its management. Use and operation of cargo trikes and bikes. Maintenance for less than 1 euro per day. High cargo capacity (250 kg). Able to circulate on all kinds of routes (pedestrian and urban roads).

The need

Demand in the urban delivery industry is growing, yet there are no efficient or even effective responses. Urban delivery currently consumes money, time and fuel, and makes cities less habitable.

The solution

Evolo's electric-assisted tricycles and bikes are able to circulate safely on all kinds of routes. They have a high cargo capacity (250 kg), and maintenance for less than 1 euro per day. The company offers a combination of sustainable alternatives and efficient management solutions.

The value proposition

• Cost-effective and sustainable solution.
• Enables customers to save on availability (time ranges and accessibility).
• Enables customers to save on fuel costs.
• Enables customers to save on vehicle costs (acquisition, maintenance, insurance).
• Improves existing urban logistic business models by between 25% and 40%.


Commercialised by

Evolo IDI SL Calle Paduleta 18-Pol. Industrial JUNDIZ, — 01015 Vitoria-Gasteiz www.evolo.es