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A charging robot that can immediately electrify your entire parking experience

Turnkey solution for EV-charging in parkings. The Charles charging robot integrates second life batteries. Once installed on a parking lot, the robot stores energy and moves autonomously to the vehicles that have ordered a charge to give them the desired mileage. It connects and disconnects automatically via the connection unit, a small box acting as an extension that users own or retrieve on site and put on the ground before going about their activities.

The need

It is difficult for parking managers to easily and rapidly deploy charging infrastructure without having to upgrade the electrical infrastructure and without it impacting upon the parking lot's operation.

The solution

Mob-Energy© robots are deployed as a turnkey solution and provide charging for any EV in any parking lot. They store energy from the grid and via a dynamic scheduling algorithm, prioritise customers’ orders and autonomously deliver the energy required. When treating an order, a robot moves to the specific car and automatically plugs in via the cars plug-in module: a little box that the user places on the ground and connects to the car, allows the robot to plug in and unplug itself automatically.

The value proposition

• Charging power: Charles 22kW AC and DC; Bolt: 7,4kW AC.
• Energy capacity: Charles 30kWh on board; Bolt 13kWh on board.
• Number of cars charged with 5kWh doses (30-40km daily usage): Charles 48 per day; Bolt 16 per day.

EDF Pulse • Mob-Energy

EDF Pulse • Mob-Energy

Mob-Energy Charles Robot Chargeur

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