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EOS energy

Refurbishment of buildings with no financial hassle. Energy savings, public aids and financing, return on investment


Integral energy building refurbishment

Energy inefficient buildings are big contributors to CO2 emissions. At EOS energy we help building owners to improve thermal insulation and implement sustainable energy solutions, so that they become compliant with regulations and save money. 


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The need

Most families in Spain cannot afford the integral rehabilitation of their homes, an essential requirement in order to reduce polluting emissions. Furthermore, there is no culture of rehabilitation, it is not acknowledged or valued. Immobility prevails and there is general mistrust of grants.

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The solution

The EOS energy refurbishment model focuses on the customer. A single interlocutor accompanies owners throughout the process managing all issues. The specific requirements of each individual project are studied to guarantee that rehabilitation costs are offset by benefits. New energy fees are charged under a spending ceiling in a unique contract, which pays back a large part of the investment, maintenance and amortisation of the financed project. 

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The value proposition

  • EOS guarantees 100% financing and advance payment of the investment rehabilitation costs: building permits, professional fees, rates, grants, taxes and works. Customers only pay when the work is completed.
  • Energy savings are guaranteed by the implemented energy measures. This pays back a large part of the investment under a spending ceiling included in the contract.
  • A single interlocutor manages the entire project.
  • Full warranty and maintenance of all installations.

Energy savings and reduced carbon footprint with EOS refurbishing solution for buildings

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