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The EOLOS LiDAR Buoy is a fully-equipped and autonomous wind, wave and current measuring system based on LIDAR technology and provided with oceanographic instrumentation.

Relevant markets:

A solution to the current challenges of wind measuring for offshore wind farms

Modular structure easily assembled and disassembled. Autonomous. Use of long-lasting materials in marine environment. Capacity to resist storms. Enough capacity to put in all the necessary elements to perform the measurements and energy storage.

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The need

Offshore wind farm investments need reliable wind assessments in order to estimate the wind energy potential of the site where the wind turbines are to be installed.

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The solution

EOLOS LIDAR buoy offers a low cost, accurate and reliable offshore wind data source, allowing for the performance of measurements at heights of more than 200m above sea level, and at much lower costs.

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The value proposition

• Advanced data processing tool.
• Availability.
• Completeness of data acquisition.
• Precision.

EOLOS FLS200, wind and ocean data measurement device for offshore construction

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