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IoT-based energy services for restaurant equipment providing energy cost savings of up to 20%

The need

The kitchens and equipment of restaurants costs owners billions of euros of wasted energy every year. Smart energy equipment and services are required that are affordable and scalable for restaurant businesses. 

The solution

KOENA tec uses easy-to-install KOENA tec smart plugs to monitor the power use of appliances for restaurants. The KOENA tec data platform offers different data-driven services, including automated tips for reducing energy costs based on how the appliances are being used daily, predictive maintenance systems and smart grid applications. For supported OEM appliances, the option of automatically optimised control is offered.

The value proposition

• Affordable energy savings adapted to individual sites’ usage.
• Appliance-dependent savings up to 20% of electricity costs.
• Display option for end customers increases awareness and engagement for sustainability.
• Integrated control and communication in software for supported OEMs. further increases savings and reduces efforts for achieving savings.
• Monitoring platform for franchise owners and energy market actors.
• Added-value for OEM partners through white-label digital service.
• Device status detection and maintenance monitoring.

PItching sesssions: Koena Tec

Balancing the electricity grid with the heat storage capacity of commercial coffee machines.
PItching sesssions: Koena Tec


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