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Smart electric grid

Energiot Cube

Piezoelectric microgenerators based on harvesting ambient energy and the integration of low-cost, self-powered wireless autonomous sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT).


Self-powered Internet of things (IoT) device that transforms ambient energy into autonomous smart networks

Multiple energy sources. Low-cost manufacturing. Reduced size. Autonomous and smart. Modular and reliable. Innovative.

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The need

There is a necessity to avoid the maintenance associated with charging or replacing batteries in sensor networks, especially when there is a great number of sensors or access is difficult.

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The solution

This product can harvest residual ambient energy present in the application environment by way of vibrations, electromagnetic fields associated with current carrying cables and the flux of a gas or a liquid inside a pipe. This allows for the deployment of autonomous wireless sensors that makes the concept of a “self-powered Internet of things” possible.

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The value proposition

• Cost reduction.
• Green solution.
• Install and forget, maintenance-free.
• Predictive analysis with big data.
• Smarter grid.

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