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Relevant markets:

Non Residential building

The energy intelligence objective is to achieve maximum energy savings

The need

Sustainable strategies are currently seen as costs with a return on investment (ROI) and are therefore not prioritised and/or implemented on a small scale. Enappgy simplifies this for customers and helps them save on energy consumption.

The solution

Enappgy significantly reduces energy consumption while helping to improve primary processes and activities (safety, logistics efficiency, occupancy, climate comfort, predictive maintenance and location services). The system is designed to customise and easily expand the network of lighting nodes with smart sensors and software. The additional application of advanced controls, facility-wide analysis and data-driven operational insights creates new value for customers across the globe.

The value proposition

• Facilitates sustainable initiatives (fine avoidance / image / maximum subsidy).
• Maximum energy savings (+ light).
• PR; waste project upcycling / market reporting.

Commercialised by

ENAPPGY (formerly known as Energetika NL B.V) Databankweg 26 — 3821AL Amesfoort https://www.enappgy.com/