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Energy storage


Empowering the global battery market

Early stage

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The need

The global battery market is expected to reach 4500GWh by 2030. A key challenge of the storage industry is keep costs competitive despite the rapid increase in price of critical raw materials (cobalt, nickel, lithium), while also ensuring the sustainability of the battery production process.

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The solution

ElevenEs has developed the first LFP (lithium iron phosphate) battery cell in Europe. An industrial spin-off of the Al Pack Group, the company is located in Serbia, the only European country with a sufficient resource of raw materials to support large-scale battery production. Giga-scale production is planned in 2025 based on local sourcing and 100% renewable energy. The factory is set to reach 64GWh capacity by 2029, including a fully integrated active materials production plant. 

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The value proposition

  • LFP is set to be the dominant battery chemistry by 2028.
  • Safety advantages (3x less heat released).
  • Possibility of replacing cobalt and nickel with easily accessible and lower-priced iron phosphate.
  • Long lifecycle (up to 25 years).
  • Lower costs (-15%), leading EV producers to accept the trade-off of lower energy density.
  • LFP prismatic cell is an optimal choice for applications in industry, electric trucks or buses that require sustainable cells with long lifespans, high safety and affordable costs.

ElevenEs – Our story

We redefine energy storage principles, empower people to explore the unknown, envision new possibilities and make ecological decisions. Energy is what we store in our batteries and release within our organization.

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