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Energy efficiency

E-Cube, E-Case and connected services

A combined hardware (E-cube sensors) + software (Save-it-Yourself platform) solution that measures the electricity consumption of machines and produces savings recommendations for energy managers.


An integrated solution that enables a decrease of electricity consumption by 10%

Intuitive and fast installation. – Non intrusive installation of sensors (no need to stop production for installation) – Data memorisation inbuilt in the sensor. – Wireless, self-powered sensors – Secured cloud –

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The need

There is a requirement to provide energy managers with a simple solution with fast payback to decrease the electricity consumption in manufacturing plants.

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The solution

The product offer consists of both hardware and software. The hardware is the “E-case” comprising 20 E-cube sensors, an access device and a data logger. E-cube sensors are wireless, self-powered and easily clamped individually on one phase of a machine. Electricity consumption data is retrieved, logged and sent to the software, a “save-it-yourself” platform that produces savings recommendations and offers connected services.

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The value proposition

• Connected services.
• Fast payback (less than one year).
• Installation in one day.
• No downtime costs for the plant operator.
• No need for specific training: a DIY approach.

E-Cube, E-Case and connected services. By GULPLUG. Energy efficiency for the industry

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