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Relevant markets:

Transport & mobility

Modular battery system for electric buses.

Standardised product in three different chemical compositions / performance versions. Proprietary battery management system. Easy to integrate and configure. Competitive pricing.

The need

Battery systems for electric buses are too expensive to compete with diesel engines and do not respond to the wide range of requirements of bus operators.

The solution

This modular battery system consists of several battery modules with a capacity of 30 to 60 kWh. Basic battery blocks come in three versions and are based on cells with three different chemical compositions: NCM/HC (long life), NCM/Ni (low price) and LTO (high power, frequent/quick recharging). They all have the same casing and the same BMS (battery management system). Battery blocks are interchangeable.

The value proposition

• Allows for the long term and broad collaboration with suppliers.
• Decreases costs by offering a standardised product.
• Fulfils different tender requirements.
• Provides flexibility to tailor the battery system to individual needs.

Modular battery system for electric buses

The objective of E-bus battery project is the development of a modular battery system capable of using new types of cells of different chemistry for applications in the public transport sector and for re-use in stationary applications.

Modular battery system for electric buses

AST17132 6 Illustrative Picture Batterypack E BUS2 New
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