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The world's first eco-friendly shower dehumidifier with heat recovery

The need

Some 10% of all bathrooms in the EU alone are plagued by mould. Mould can trigger serious respiratory illnesses such as asthma and many diseases.

The solution

The dehumidifiers produced by DUSCHKRAFT are installed directly into the shower and dehumidify the air even while showering. This minimises the need for ventilation and permanently protects the bathroom from mould independently of user behaviour.

The value proposition

• An attractive and stylish design.
• Cost savings (energy recovery).
• Durable product (lifetime 15-25 years).
• The most energy efficient dehumidifier available.
• User independent dehumidification.

DUSCHKRAFT - the shower dehumidifier

DUSCHKRAFT Home is the worlds first shower dehumdifier working just with the cold flowing water. It dehumidifies the air right while showering. This prevents your bathroom for hazardous mould

DUSCHKRAFT - the shower dehumidifier

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