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Ducktrain combines a light electric vehicle with vehicle automation.


A small, automated and electric logistics vehicle, ready for urban areas

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The need

Last-mile logistics is a highly manual and costly process. At the same time, cities are confronted with a massive overload of roads. Light electric vehicles (LEV) are an approach to implement sustainable urban and industrial last-mile logistics, but most LEVs do not provide sufficient payload.

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The solution

Ducktrain combines a light electric vehicle with vehicle automation. In a Ducktrain, up to 5 ‘ducks’ are combined. In this way, the payload of a conventional van can be transported. The space demand is significantly smaller so that the city infrastructure is considerably relieved. In the delivery district, the Ducktrain is separated and single ducks do door to door deliveries. In forwarding applications (e.g. transport pallets) they can drive into buildings, e.g. goods receipt.

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The value proposition

• Combines a light electric vehicle with vehicle automation.
• Follow-me technology had led to series-vehicle certification to drive on public roads in 2021.
• Expected to be fully-automated in scale by 2025.
• Ducktrain logistics users can benefit from increased step-by-step automation degree and efficiency.
• A sustainable logistic solution for urban last-mile.

Meet Ducktrain

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