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Save up to 32% heating energy and CO2 with fully automated radiator thermostats

Self-learning. Integrated presence detection. Works fully automated (no programming or app needed). Takes weather data into account. Detects open windows without the need for additional sensors. Data-based services beyond heating control.

The need

Some 70% of the overall energy consumption of buildings is related to the generation of room heating. While these rooms are not used up to 80% of the time, they are still heated non-stop. This results in huge potential for energy, cost and CO2 savings!

The solution

vilisto allows companies and municipalities to effortlessly achieve the highest energy consumption savings available on the market, without requiring a change in user behaviour or manual programming. This is achieved using an AI-based radiator thermostat with integrated presence detection which learns and anticipates user behaviour to control heating usage automatically. The connected online platform enables central and efficient management of the property portfolio. 

The value proposition

• Saves up to 32% heating energy and CO2 emissions.
• Immediate climate protection effect.
• Amortisation in a short time (RoI: 1-5 years).
• Works fully automatically and is self-learning (no programming or app required).
• Digitising heat management through a connected online platform.
• Online platform enables remote system settings.
• Additional data-based services beyond heating control.
• Patented technology.

Watch some of the product videos

Vilisto was awarded the German Innovation Prize for Climate and Environment on 26th March 2020


With vilisto's self-learning radiator thermostats office spaces can be heated based on actual user behaviour. ovis solves the user-investor dilemma, maximises energy savings and increases user comfort.

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