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Calculate and optimise your transportation plans and cut your costs by up to 15%, while reducing your COemissions.

DCBrain solution enables you to model your network, your fleet (internal or external) and all your requirements. You can rapidly analyse the performance of your transportation plans by viewing alerts and indicators, and also use the power of AI to simulate and optimise your plans.



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AI for a sustainable supply chain

The evergrowing constraints of logistics, with limited resources, RSE obligations , flow complexity and the lack of holistic view of the suply chain, puts the logistic planners at struggle. Planners spend 80% of their time in repetitive tasks that could be automated and only 20% of their time on essential business activities. DCBrain solution allows to build simplified and profitable transportation plans, with a result of 80% time saving, up to 15% cost savings and up to 12% reduction of the CO2 emissions per year.


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The need

The supply chain is growing ever more complex. There is more and increasingly varied data to be processed, and decarbonisation faces rising costs and more challenging requirements.

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The solution

DCbrain has developed a dedicated, engaged and sustainable AI solution aimed at supply chain planners. It offers significantly greater control in decarbonising and dynamically adapting the supply chain while also simplifying the routine daily work of planning.

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The value proposition

  • Engaged and sustainable AI solution.
  • A dedicated solution for logistics flow planning.
  • A controlled and innovative solution that has demonstrated its value.
  • Positively contributes to the economic and environmental performance of logistics operations.

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