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Relevant markets:


Connecting everything in cities and facilities

The need

Reliable, energy aware IoT systems are required to continuously optimise and predict the performance and lifecycle of the whole network infrastructure, smart city infrastructure, automated metering infrastructure (AMI) or professional building infrastructure.

The solution

CWJ have developed a highly efficient state-of-the art communications network protocol with a set of powerful and innovative features. It is aimed at low power wireless area networks (LPWAN) connecting cities and facilities. AfE-EA is the only meshed/ad-hoc communication network protocol that allows for the continuous management of routing trees through optimal hop-constrained and energy resources of the entire wireless sensor network (WSN).

The value proposition

• Efficient integration in the same network infrastructure of communications, battery-operated, energy-constrained and mains power supply operated devices or sensors.
• Flexible multi-infrastructure and bidirectional communication network protocols.
• Technology is energy aware, reliable and easy to deploy.


Commercialised by

CWJ Rua das Acácias lote 75 — 3090 Figueira da Foz, Zona Industrial da Figueira da Foz https://www.cwj-afe.com/