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A diagnostic service that improves and maintains to the highest levels

The need

A common issue in natural draft cooling towers is the lack of monitoring and maintenance of their performance.

The solution

The solution is an advanced and novel profiling technique for cooling tower evaluation and maintenance. Optimal maintenance can be chosen from among several proposals that range from small repairs to major upgrades. Its compact volume (10-15l) fits anywhere, with power at the level of a mains outlet at 3.600W (230V, 16A).

The value proposition

• Cuts operational costs (savings per year up to 1,5M€ on fuel and 1,2M€ on CO2 coupons).
• Increased efficiency (decreases installation and operation time by 250 hours over a 3 year period).
• Increased reliability and availability (no servicing necessary).
• Reduced hazard level for workers (toxic fumes, noise, cable tripping).
• ROI in under a year.


Commercialised by

JS energy Ltd. Stegne 35 — 1000 Ljubljana http://jsenergy.si/services/ctprofiler-2-0/