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Combined heat and power EV fast charging station

Compact, plug & play solution. EV fast charger station. Optional electricity storage system to optimise the operation. No need for grid reinforcement. Decentralised generation / transmission loss reduction.

The need

The availability of recharging stations is a prerequisite for the functioning of electric vehicles (EV) and critical for consumer acceptance. However, the installation costs of fast charging stations can be very high in congested (urban) or weak (rural) networks.

The solution

PASCH offers a compact, plug and play solution with decentralised generation or transmission loss reductions, an EV fast charger station, no need for grid reinforcement plus an optional electricity storage system to optimise the operation.

The value proposition

• Decreases the autonomy concerns of EV drivers.
• Delivers environmentally-friendly and energy efficient fast charging stations with low grid impact costs.

What is COFAST?

What is COFAST?

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