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Energy storage

Cinovec Lithium

Production of battery-grade lithium chemicals

Early stage

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The need

Due to the significant boom in electro mobility and the urgent need to store energy, global demand for lithium is growing rapidly. However, this unique light metal is in very short supply.

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The solution

Cinovec is a lithium and tin mining project in the Czech Republic. The country holds one of the most important deposits of the metal in Europe, with some 3% to 5% of the world’s lithium reserves located below Cínovec in the Ore Mountains. Geomet’s focus is primarily on the exploration of lithium as a strategic raw material for the production of car batteries, as well as its use as a critical component in the cycle of production and accumulation of electricity produced from alternative sources.

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The value proposition

  • The mine aims to produce battery-grade lithium products to meet both the demand for electric vehicle makers and firms involved in electricity storage systems.
  • Job opportunities in the mine itself and also in related industries and services.
  • Funds added to the budget of the city of Dubí from fees for extracted minerals.

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