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A durable nobel metal-free catalyst for next generation fuel cells

The need

Current proton-exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells rely on noble metals like platinum for their performance. Pt is a critical raw material making up over 50% of the fuel cell stack cost, but is limited in supply and with a volatile cost. Supply is concentrated in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Russia.

The solution

The Celcibus catalyst can lower the cost for the fuel cell stack by up to 30% with a more sustainable footprint. It is based on transition metals, much cheaper than noble metals, in the active sites. While traditional fuel cells require the recovery of noble metals, a process creating poisonous by-products, fuel cells using the Celcibus catalyst can be handled in the regular metal recycling process.

The value proposition

  • Elimination of the dependence on critical raw materials.
  • Up to 30% lower fuel cell stack cost.
  • More sustainable life cycle process.
  • Control over supply chain (no conflict minerals issues).

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